tourist center in Karelia


Phones for contacts:   +7 (921) 466-60-33 Reception

Saint-Petersburg:  +7 (911) 228-72-27 Philipp


Skype:  bazalambushka

Координаты для GPS навигаторов:

N 61°14.027´

E 29°35.402´

Note: It is better to go through Priozersk. Otherwise navigator will lay the route along old Finnish roads and, thus, elongate the trip.

Tourist centre “Lambushka” is situated near the settlement of Hiitola, district of Lahdenpohja, Republic of Karelia.

How to get to “Lambushka” by car

Follow the route A-129 «Saint-Petersburg – Sortavala». In the settlement “Hiitola” turn to “Rintala”, Go to the sign “Zone of border”, turn to the left and follow 2 kilometers till the advertising board “Tourist centre of Lambushka”.

Our requisites:

            CJSC "North-Western Council for tourism progress"   

TIN (Taxpayer Individual Number)  1012010485  IEC (Industrial Enterprises Classifier) 101201001

Current account: 40702810855390000530 in the North-Western Bank (Division) of the OJSC “Saving Bank of Russia”

Corresponding account 30101810500000000653 in SPPC of Chief Administration of Bank of Russia in Saint-Petersburg

PSRN 1027700132195 IEC 783502001 OKPO 09171401 BIC 044030653