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Tourist centre “Lambushka” is situated in Karelia, 170 km from Saint-Petersburg, on the border with Finland. Vast guest-house with cosy apartments is constructed on the bank of a virginal forest lake. The peculiarities of vacation in Karelia are simplicity and modesty, the absence of a tiresome vanity and unnecessary luxury, reasonable minimalism.

Here you will find mental peace and unity with nature. For those, who like to go in for sports, we suggest rows, bicycling, fishing and many other things. The circumstances of Karelia allow varying of tourist leisure. If you use an opportunity to spend your vacation in Karelia – you will not miscalculate. Once having visited this mysterious land, you will never forget it.

Vacation in Karelia

Karelia is indeed a country of lakes with sky-blue water. The words of the poet come to mind:

And you can’t understand,
Whether t’ is sky fell into the lake,
Or the lake flies in the sky…

By the most conservative estimate over 61 thousand of lakes are on the territory of Karelia. The density of lakes for one thousand square kilometers in Karelia is the highest in the World!

Just imagine all the pleasures of fishing, hunting, rowing, mushrooms and berries gathering along with the pleasure of viewing splendid landscape with trees on the rocks, miraculous lakes, and pleasant smelt of pines. Try to imagine a pleasant fatigue after active day-rest that disappears after hot sauna and diving into the lake. Try to imagine a smoked fish cooked on the camp-fire or meals of the national cuisine of Karelia, a peaceful friendly conversation with a small cup of a specific liqueur prepared from horseradish in accordance with an ancient monastery receipt. And you will understand that all these impressions could never be found elsewhere but in Karelia.

Турбаза в Карелии на берегу озера.


Musical video-rout “How to get to Lambushka”

The smile of Karelian nature

Lambushka – tourist centre in Karelia

“Lambushka” – tourist centre in Karelia.